Homespire doesn’t just work for you; we work with you to ensure you have all the tools and information to make an educated decision on your window and door replacement project.

We want you to have a full picture of the process you will experience with us, from the first assessment of your windows to your finished installation.


Our free assessment process is easy, informative, and interactive so you experience the Homespire difference first-hand, in your own home.

Our consultant will analyze your existing windows and determine just how much money and comfort you are losing. You’ll see how other windows on the market today compare to your current windows, and how Homespire windows beat the competition in energy efficiency.

The Homespire difference doesn’t stop with efficiency like other window companies do, and you’ll experience the strength and security Homespire windows can provide. Finally, after experiencing the difference in our windows, you’ll know that an investment with Homespire is an investment in your family’s safety, comfort, and financial future.

You’ll then have the opportunity to design your own windows and doors to fit the specifications of your home. No window is too big or small or oddly shaped for Homespire.

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Homespire partners with a local privately owned and operated window manufacturer in Mt. Carmel, PA to design and build our windows to our customers’ exact specifications. Together, we have set aside the low standards of window manufacturing and developed a new standard, using custom designs and materials only found in Homespire branded windows.

We are proud to say that 97% of our materials are sourced in the United States, making our products Made in USA Certified. How we use these materials and create our windows is like nothing else in the window industry. Our methods are proven to create a strong, efficient, and long-lasting window deserving of the Homespire name.

To match the high standard of our windows, we scoured the door manufacturing industry for a company that would uphold our quality and provide the same level of customization as our windows. We found a USA-based company that fit the bill – ProVia. They are dedicated to delivering a superior, customized door to each of our Homespire customers, so you can be sure your doors will come with the Homespire quality you expect.


With all the work that has gone into making your windows and doors, you can expect that we’re going to have them installed carefully and correctly. Without quality installation practices, the protection and conservation your windows and doors are meant to provide would be wasted.

So we offer only our own hired and trained Homespire employees to install our products for you. We supply our installers with the equipment and materials to install your windows securely, as if they had always been part of your home.

When our installers are finished, you, like so many of our customers, will be able to feel and hear the Homespire difference immediately.

“As hot as it has been outside this past week, we have already seen that the house has been a lot cooler. We think that we made a very good decision by putting Homespire windows in our home.”

~ The Brown Family

Warranty Services

We aren’t out to sell you your next set of windows and doors. Homespire’s job is to offer you the last set of windows and doors you’ll ever have to invest in. We’ve taken the time to ensure our products can stand the test of time, and that allows us to offer a lifetime warranty.

This isn’t just an empty promise. We have warranty support personnel – employed by Homespire, as always – ready to assess your needs at any time after installation. We will help you determine the extent of your needs and send out trained installers to correct any issues you may come across. So long as you own your home, you can rest easy knowing Homespire is always here to protect and conserve what matters most to you.

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