Homespire Windows and Doors is proud to provide the best replacement windows for homes throughout Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, Maryland. Our 25 years of experience makes us experts at providing window replacement options that suit the needs of your home and budget. We understand that installing replacement windows is an investment, so we want to ensure you are happy with the outcome, both now and in the future.

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When you get a Homespire window, here are some of the incredible elements you can look forward to — elements that define the top replacement windows on the market:

1. Design

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach at Homespire. We understand that your window needs are as unique as you and your home, and no matter what you require, we have an option for you. We partner with a local manufacturer, so we can design any type of window. We have a full selection of window designs that are customizable depending on your requirements, including:

  • Double-Hung WindowsA classic design with two vertically adjustable panes.
  • Casement WindowsA single pane window with hinges on the side.
  • Sliding WindowsHorizontally adjustable panes that are easy to slide.
  • Awning & Hopper WindowsTop hinge horizontal windows that are usually seen in basements.
  • Bay WindowsThree windows that provide a beautiful focal point as the two side windows are angled to create depth.
  • Bow WindowsSimilar to bay windows, these use four or more panes to open up any space.

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2. Materials

Reliable windows come from high-quality, technologically-advanced materials. What makes our materials so unique is that we never settle, and we are always working to bring you the best. In addition, all of our windows are crafted from materials primarily made in the U.S. Whether it’s our virgin vinyl window frames or our 12-layer glass system, you’ll get efficiency and security you won’t find anywhere else.

3. Construction

After the materials meet our high standards, how they’re constructed is also essential to Homespire before we install top replacement windows in your home. We partner with a local manufacturing company based out of Mt. Carmel, PA to ensure the integrity of each individual component is maintained throughout the construction process. No corners are cut in an effort to bring you the best quality windows — this includes the use of fusion-welding on our frames to avoid weak seams that could open over time.

4. Installation

Unlike many companies in the world of home remodeling, we don’t use subcontractors to install your windows. The team of installation professionals that will replace your windows comprises Homespire employees, trained in-house to carry out our high-quality services. They ensure the technologically-advanced windows we’ve developed are carefully and skillfully put in place in your home.

5. Energy Savings

Poorly insulated windows are the biggest energy vulnerability in a typical home, potentially increasing your energy bill every month. Homespire windows have been shown to improve your home’s energy efficiency and save you 35% on your monthly energy costs.

The layered glass system features 12 layers of different elements, creating unmatched insulation. That combined with our window spacer technology — featuring four layers that keep hot or cool air in while preventing moisture and humidity from entering — equals substantial energy savings that will benefit you immediately.

6. Security

Installing the best windows is a huge advantage in the prevention of home invasions, and our windows feature highly-advanced security technology to help with this. The 12-layer tempered glass allows for incredible durability that is enforced by invisible security bars. The construction adds to the window’s strength as well, as we utilize foam-enhanced casing and 12-point fusion welding. These elements make our glass impact-resistant and very difficult to pry open from the outside.

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From the materials we use to the installation process, we’re proud to be your best option for home replacement windows. Contact us to speak to a Homespire Windows and Doors representative to find out more about our innovative and high-quality options. We can send someone to your home for a free window analysis. You can also call us at 844-789-0256 to speak with a specialist.

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