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Sliding Window Replacement

Sliding windows offer a classic look for your home. This window style opens horizontally, sliding back and forth. Most people find sliding windows easier to open than crank styles, allowing quick access to fresh air and natural light.

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Picking a replacement window — sliding or otherwise — changes how you use and view your home. Depending on the functionality of a window, its style has the potential to alter your lifestyle and where you end up spending your time. With a number of replacement window styles to choose from, Homespire Windows and Doors wants to provide your ideal custom window for any application.

Our team believes windows should be a one-time expense. Backed by a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home, our windows are dependable. And our knowledgeable team is always happy to help.

Before installation begins, you should pick a window style based on your expectations of the rooms in your house. Certain window styles promote features such as natural light, air flow and insulation, so it's a good idea to know what you want your windows to do for you prior to purchase. If you need assistance, our team is available to answer any questions you have about selecting the right window.

Whether you are looking to read in the sunroom or keep steam and smoke out of your kitchen, we know the window styles to suit any lifestyle.

Sliding Replacement Windows

Through 25 years of home improvement experience, Homespire Windows and Doors understands sliding windows are a popular option for our customers. Sliding windows use multiple pieces to create an easy-to-slide horizontal system. These windows allow homeowners to open a relatively large space for increased airflow.

Sliding windows let homeowners open both ends of a lite piece as they slide freely along a track. Choosing a two-lite or three-lite sliding window design gives our customers control of the view they want of their yard or surrounding property. Going with a sliding window provides a larger window space when compared to other styles.

Air flow to your home is a key benefit from sliding windows because you can slide an entire side open. Opening, closing and locking this style is easy as it does not operate by a crank or push outward. Sliding windows come in sizes large and small, are easy to clean and fit almost any wall.

Examples of Sliding Window Replacements

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Our team provides you with the window styles that fit your home. With the best window security features in place, our windows showcase invisible home window security bars, multi-tempered glass, foam-enhanced frames and sashes, and fusion-welded frames.

Energy-efficient windows can help you cut up to 35% of monthly energy costs. Poorly insulated windows are a top cause of energy loss, and our windows prevent heat and cool air from escaping through advanced window technology. Our installation team is trained to take on home improvement projects of any size, so be sure to reach out to one of our representatives for more information.

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