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Replacing your patio doors is a necessary step for keeping your family safe and your home energy efficient. Homespire Windows and Doors is a local window and door installation service based in New Cumberland, PA. We dedicate ourselves to creating and installing the designs you want and need. With our team on your side, you’ll receive quality patio doors that boost energy efficiency, increase security and enhance curb appeal.

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Reasons to Use a Sliding Glass Patio Door

Whether your patio door connects to your kitchen, living room, sunroom or playroom, you deserve an entryway that keeps you safe and secure. Homes that exist in their original condition or model are susceptible to faulty locking mechanisms and cracks within seals. With a replacement patio door from Homespire Windows and Doors, your new patio door will be in top shape with no room for fault.

Because patio doors are full sheets of glass, it makes sense to match your design with your windows. If you’ve recently renovated or enhanced the design of your windows and glass features, you should coordinate with a sliding patio door. Remember, your curb appeal is most effective when your home exterior looks complete rather than having one or two features that stand out.


Patio Door Installation Services

Having someone you can rely on for your patio door installation is vital to the safety of your family and your home. This security factor is why Homespire Windows and Doors partners with ProVia, a trusted and top-performing manufacturer based in Sugar Creek, Ohio, to bring you the perfect glass patio door. These doors are ENERGY STAR® rated, with glass panels that keep heat out during the hotter months and in during the colder months.

To keep away fears of unwanted middle work from subcontractors who are difficult to keep track of, we hire professionals for our installation team. All of our installers are company-hired and company-trained, which supports accountability in all of our projects. Not only will a professional technician install your new glass patio door, but as a first step, we send out a representative to analyze your current patio door and provide consultation to discuss what options are the best fit for you. This consultation is free of charge!

Benefits of Homespire Doors

When you request a new sliding glass patio door from Homespire Windows and Doors, you’ll be delighted at the quality and efficiency of our products. Our multi-layered glass system with metal oxides aids in the durability and integrity of the glass panel inserts as well as the energy-efficient patio doors that can help save you up to 35 percent on energy bills.

Even though we partner with ProVia to manufacture our patio doors, we control the entire process, including the initial service request, installation and follow-up care. This ensures no one else makes the decisions that could affect you.

Above all, we genuinely believe in the quality of our product — which is why we offer the most comprehensive warranty of any door company.

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