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At Homespire Windows and Doors, we offer Pennsylvania homeowners high-quality and attractive windows that can greatly improve your home’s energy efficiency. We utilize advanced glass technology and superior craftsmanship to help you reduce your home’s energy usage.

Our window installation representatives are available to help all local residents during a free window analysis determine how our energy-saving windows can best benefit your home and save you money on monthly utility bills. We pride ourselves on providing dependable window solutions that perfectly meet your needs and budget. We can install up to eight windows in just one day, all backed by a lifetime warranty.

Why Do Energy-Efficient Windows Matter?

Installing new energy-efficient windows is becoming an essential upgrade for homeowners — on average, poorly-insulated windows are responsible for up to 30% of residential heating and cooling losses. With this increasing energy loss, you may find that your utility costs are gradually rising over time.

The wide selection of windows available at Homespire Windows and Doors all feature an advanced 12-layer glass system that’s proven to reduce your home’s energy consumption and improve your home’s ecological footprint — with energy savings of up to 54% — and can save you at least 35% on your monthly energy costs.

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Features of Homespire Windows

The leading window experts at Homespire Windows and Doors have a seamless installation process and have created an innovative product using the finest materials found in the United States — developing the best in efficiency, design and security. With our energy-efficient windows, you can be assured that they come with advanced features, including the following.

Layered Glass System

Our team has developed a highly safe, secure and efficient glass system featuring 12 layers of glass crafted from quality silicon nitride, zinc oxide, titanium, and silver. These layers provide undeniable and unmatched insulation, reducing your home’s energy loss.

Spacer Technology

Window spacers ensure your windows maintain lasting efficiency. Spacer systems keep panes of glass in the window separated as well as serve a variety of functions, including accommodating stress created by pressure differences and thermal expansions, preventing water passage or vapor by providing a moisture barrier, functioning as a gas-tight seal and creating an insulation barrier to reduce interior condensation.

The spacers crafted by Homespire Windows and Doors have been proven to last a lifetime. Our window spacer technology features four layers. The first is warm-edge technology — a window spacer that blocks the path of escaping warm air more effectively than traditional box-shaped spacers. The second layer is the primary polyisobutylene seal, which ensures blockage of moisture and provides one of the lowest moisture vapor transmission of all sealants.

The secondary silicone seal, the third layer and backing sealant provide structural strength. The fourth layer of the window spacer technology is the desiccant moisture absorber — a dehumidifier, the desiccant prevents moisture from penetrating the spacer seal.

Quality Construction and Installation Methods

At Homespire Windows and Doors, we’ve partnered with a local manufacturing company to ensure the best quality construction and materials, so we have the flexibility to tailor every window to your exact specifications. All of our windows are constructed from virgin vinyl and are crafted using an advanced fusion-welding technology to avoid weak seams. During installation, our installation professional uses a minimum of eight, three-inch screws per window to ensure a tight seal and sturdy application.

Trust Homespire Windows With Your Energy Saving Windows

To begin benefiting from cost savings as the result of better-quality, energy-efficient windows, call the experts at Homespire Windows and Doors today to schedule a free window analysis. We know you’ll experience greater home comfort and peace of mind that your home is more secure and eco-friendly. And we’re so confident in our locally-manufactured, energy-saving windows, that we provide a lifetime warranty on all of our products.

To learn more about our energy-efficient windows, call us today at 844-789-0256 to speak to a team member or complete our online contact form to set up a free window analysis.

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