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Double Hung Window Replacement

Offering a classic appearance for your home, double hung windows have two sashes that can each move up and down. This allows a homeowner to have ventilation at the top of the window, the bottom or both. Double hung windows provide maximum access to natural light and fresh air that you can customize to your needs.

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Choosing the Right Window Style

Homespire Windows and Doors understands each room in your home is different from the next. By brainstorming all of your expectations for a window, you can use your list to help you decide on a style. Windows all share a common purpose, but they differ in terms of what they can offer.

Aside from providing a glimpse outside, windows provide features for everyday use. We encourage our customers to consider the following questions before purchasing windows:

  • Where will windows be installed?
  • What are the window sizes?
  • What is the purpose of the window?

By answering these questions, our team can assist in showing you the options for your home. Certain rooms of a home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, basements and kitchens, serve a different purpose than a living room. Our team provides custom window sizes, but we want to meet your vision.

Are you replacing windows for more natural light or better airflow? These questions will guide our team on your home improvement journey.

Double Hung Window Replacement

The double hung window style is essentially two windows that sit above and below one another. A window can be unlocked and pushed upward or downward behind the second. Commonly found in sunrooms, this style provides plenty of natural light and calls for easy maintenance and cleaning.

When it comes to airflow, it's well known that heat rises. When opened from the top, double hung windows can let warmer air escape. Additionally, these windows let you control how much outside air you allow into your home by positioning each piece exactly how you want them.

Examples of Double Hung Window Replacements

Double Hung Windows Offer Security and Efficiency

Windows are a common entry point in burglaries. With this in mind, Homespire Window and Doors reinforces our products with the best home window security features. Our double hung windows showcase invisible security bars, multi-layer tempered glass, foam-enhanced frames and sashes, and fusion-welded construction for the safety of you and your family.

Teaming with our local manufacturing partner, we can save you up to 35% on monthly energy costs. Our windows provide premier insulation to keep the cool air or heat you want inside when you need it the most.

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