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Replacement Awning Windows

To add ventilation to a room while protecting the interior from rain and other elements, awning windows are the answer. This type of window is hinged at the top and swings outward from the bottom. Awning windows provide fresh air to a room, while giving superior views and architectural interest to a home.

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There are different window styles to suit all the different rooms for a home. Depending on space and proximity, some types of windows serve a better purpose in specific locations. If you are in need of replacing windows in bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen or your basement, contacting Homespire Windows and Doors is a step in the right direction.

Windows should not be something you have to purchase often. In fact, with Homespire Windows and Doors, you shouldn't need to replace your windows again for as long as you own your home. Our team would love to assist in your next home improvement project.

Choosing the Right Window Style

Before you can replace a window, you need to understand the functionalities of different styles. Each room of your home serves a different purpose, so identifying your expectations upon a window is a crucial step of the replacement process. Windows give homeowners a chance to control energy efficiency, security, privacy and more.

Factors such as window size, purpose and ventilation flow should help you select the ideal window style for your home. Need some help? Our team can give you advice on which styles fit your wants and needs.

Awning Window Replacements

Awning windows open similarly to an awning made of fabric in that the base of the frame slides out and the top stays attached by a hinge. This window design allows for optimum airflow as heat or steam can escape from kitchens and bathrooms.

Awning windows are popular among homeowners looking to add some natural light but in a secure and private manner. This style keeps a steady air flow throughout your home and operates by a crank system. This protects homes from unexpected weather and storms that can pass through at any time.

If your home has an unfinished basement, awning windows provide excellent airflow to damp conditions. Our manufacturer has the capability to create custom awning windows, so there is no room too small to install.

Examples of Awning Window Replacements

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Our team works to save you money. Our windows are designed to increase your home's energy efficiency using multi-layer glass, so we can potentially save you up to least 35% on monthly energy costs.

We believe windows should help protect our customers from burglary and disaster. With this mindset, our windows come with invisible home security bars, foam enhanced frames and sashes, and fusion-welded construction frames. We assure the best in-home window security features for our customers, which we call family.

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Our team values every customer and wants to be a part of your home improvement process. If you are interested in replacing awning windows, fill out our contact form to schedule a free analysis. Our representatives know the windows and styles to suit your home, so be sure to call Homespire Windows and Doors today.