At Homespire, we don’t settle with being ordinary, and with our windows and doors, we don’t have to either.

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We took the best windows and window technology in the industry – some technology that has been the status quo for decades – deconstructed it, and rebuilt it into something better.

With Homespire windows, you can feel confident that every aspect of every window has been reimagined with the protection and conservation of your home in mind. You will find a combination of proven designs and basic, common sense improvements that together create a better window for your home.

The McGuire Family

Perfect!!! We had an "all around" wonderful experience with every facet of the company. The sales process was not painful, everything was explained easily and understandably and the installers were top notch. They were all so professional and respectful of our property and our family. Great job Homespire Team!!!

The Stettler Family

Great! One of the best experiences from beginning to end. Charles was fantastic! Install guys were funny and talented. Thank you!

The Naticchia Family

All staff [are] friendly and respectful. They were very careful about handling my personal property and protecting my hardwood floors. Best of all, they cleaned up after themselves!

The Findley Family

Excellent customer service. Jordan was great. Very professional and he did great work. I have already recommended Homespire to friends.

The Routson Family

Everything was exceptional from beginning till end. Very smooth transition from old windows to new [despite] the terrible weather. Shawn even went above duty and put my blind holders back up and hung my blinds. Great job guys. Thanks!

The Matulewski Family

Sales Representative, Project Manager, and Installers were all very knowledgeable about the Homespire window. This window is one of the best quality of all the windows we compared on the market. I would recommend Homespire to friends and family. Thank you for a job well done.

The Gonzales-Rivera Family

These guys are the best people ever. I had never had these experiences with installers. I will definitely recommending your company to friends and family members.

The Deibler Family

Overall it was great! The windows are great, we can already feel the difference in our hottest rooms!

The Knaub Family

The windows look great! The installers did such a good job inside and out.

The Gilrard Family

The professional work ethics displayed by the installation crew was exemplary. They arrived on time each day and left our facility clean and neat.

Made in PA for PA

To provide customers with the best windows for their homes, we partnered with a quality window manufacturing facility in central PA. We design and engineer our windows specifically for the hardships of the PA climate – from harsh winter storms to intense winds and summers that are growing more intense by the year. Every window is hand-made by PA residents, making our windows the most personalized and quality-made windows on the market today.

The True Lifetime Warranty

Homespire Windows and Doors is proud to say we offer the most honest and comprehensive warranty in the PA window industry – a lifetime warranty on our windows and the installation.
Why is this so important to us? Because we know this industry and the corners some competitors cut. Many window companies claim to offer a lifetime warranty, but actually only cover their windows, while labor and installation is only covered by a limited-year warranty. This gives them the ability to deny warranty service by claiming your issues are due to installation error, charging you for additional services. At Homespire, we back everything with our lifetime warranty from the start, including our labor and installation. No fine print. No loopholes. Just service you can count on for as long as you own your home.


No matter the style or size, we have a window option for you. Homespire’s manufacturing partner is located in Mt. Carmel, PA and can design any window you need, from a standard double-hung to an exotic bow or picture window. Our ability to create that one unique design your home needs puts us above the rest.

Check out our Windows page to see a full selection of our window designs, customizable for your home’s needs.

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To make a reliable window, you first have to use reliable materials that will function to peak performance and are proven to last. So we put the materials for our glass and frames through years of rigorous testing to ensure we were providing a product that can stand against the harshest climates and the test of time.

We can say with confidence that our virgin vinyl frames are the best in the industry, and our 12-layer glass system is the best combination of efficiency and security available today.


Engineering a better window.

Foam-enhanced, 12pt fusion welded virgin vinyl construction

12-layer Homespire Glass: the most advanced glass on the market

Unmatched installation: typically eight 3” screws per window

With the materials proven to uphold the Homespire standard, we had to make sure those materials went together in a way that would maintain the integrity of each component, leading to a reliable final product for your home.

By partnering with a locally-owned and operated window manufacturing plant, Homespire helps to ensure every window is constructed with only the highest level of craftsmanship, eliminating old corner-cutting techniques that are a standard elsewhere in the window replacement industry. Simple process changes such fusion-welding our frames to eliminate seams that could open over time and reduce energy efficiency ensure you get the highest quality product available today.


We’ve put too much effort into developing your windows to settle for ordinary installers or a standard process. Our installers are not subcontracted like most in the home remodeling industry; they are paid and insured Homespire employees, trained in-house to install our windows.

The process our installers facilitate ensures that your Homespire windows will function optimally for as long as you own your home. From using more reliable screws at more frequent intervals to anchor the windows in place to making sure the insulation around the window is efficient for years to come, we guarantee a long-lasting installation.

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Homespire is a leading expert in window design, construction, and installation. When we looked into providing entrance and storm doors to our customers, we managed to find not one, but two door manufacturers who had already done their research and created doors with the security and energy efficiency standards we expect for our customers.

After discussions with some door companies, Homespire chose to work with ProVia to manufacture doors made to specifications that uphold the Homepsire standards set by our windows, and are only available to Homespire customers.

To see a selection of our Homespire custom doors, click here.


Your windows aren’t the only things letting cold air out and hot air in; your doors need to be energy efficient as well to make a truly conservative home. Homespire kept this in mind when working with ProVia on our doors.

We only offer ENERGY STAR rated entry doors, built with 20-22 gauge seamless galvanized steel and filled with Poly-Core insulation for maximum energy efficiency.


As with all Homespire products, we know that your windows and doors need to be more than energy efficient. They need to help you secure your home from intruders and harsh weather.

The security standards for our doors – tempered safety glass, Burglar Guard security plates, and the highest residential security rating available – make our doors the best options on the market to keep you and your family safe.

Curb Appeal

Just because your doors are efficient and secure doesn’t mean they have to look bland and lifeless. We offer dozens of styles to fit the design and décor of your home. Choose from a wide array of colors or choose a wood stain and a grain simulation design for a real wood look. The seamless construction eliminates the possibility of warping over time. Custom-made to fit your home, our entry, patio, and storm doors are all made for function and for style.

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